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Cleaning And Gardening

At Home of Choice and Care, our disability services are never one-size-fits-all. You know your goals and needs, and how you want to live your life, and we’re here to help you to do just that. We assist those with a range of physical, psychosocial and intellectual disabilities.
No matter what the disability, our focus is always on you. We put you first.

Cleaning And Gardening

Our primary objective is to assist people with psychosocial disabilities to easily perform tasks like cleaning and gardening.

At Home Of Choice and Care, we empower persons with psychosocial disabilities to live independently according to their capacity in a community setup. Living normally as everybody else means they must do regular housebound chores like cleaning and gardening. We make such tasks possible for them with constant support and professional assistance. Moreover, maintaining and living in a healthy and clean environment is crucial for an NDIS participant. So, why take a risk? Take our quality services on time.

We provide NDIS cleaning and gardening services to help the participants declutter their environment and improve their living quality. Also, by ensuring safe cleaning products, our professionals provide clients with safety. Besides that, our team has excellent communication skills to build a strong rapport with people.

When it comes to gardening, this activity is a fantastic pastime and a hobby for those with psychosocial disabilities. So, if you love having a garden but are not physically able, you can take our assistance.

Why Choose Us

  • We tailor our services according to individual requests and requirements.  
  • Our gardeners and cleaners are well-experienced.
  • With our professional support, you will feel more confident and independent.
  • Our process is transparent, and our prices are affordable.

Let Us Assist You In Obtaining Your Happiness